Bitcoin ‘supercycle’ may emerge in 2021 as Fed balance sheet hits new record high

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Thermocap produces $110K BTC price target
With Bitcoin poised to take on $50,000 resistance next, longer-term price indicators continue to point upwards even after the heavy benefit of the past couple of months.
As Cointelegraph reported, Bitcoin so-called “thermocap” is one such metric recommending that the gains are just starting and a top is still far off.

Bitcoin (BTC) is looking significantly like it remains in a “supercycle,” not just a bull cycle, statistician Willy Woo suggests.
In a Twitter exchange on Feb. 12, the popular expert joined Dan Held, growth lead at U.S. exchange Kraken, calling the present BTC market a bull run like no other.
Woo: Retail has arrived
Held had previously explained his theory about the state of Bitcoin in 2021– that cost gains can not be compared to past bull phases, and do not even match the end of 2017 when BTC/USD neared $20,000.
Instead, this year is appearing like a bull work on a completely different magnitude– a “supercycle” in the producing Bitcoin.
In his own observations, Woo confirmed that information indicated retail financiers returning to Bitcoin in January.
The last 4 weeks. Welcome to the middle phase of the bull market.
He reacted that 2021 would provide verification when Held recommended that the supercycle had shown up with them.
” Can address that with more confidence in Q4. Now its only fundamental narrative, need to see if the capital streams confirm it,” he continued.
” The setup has me leaning towards it.”
Browse interest in “Bitcoin” surged in the first portion of 2021, but still has noticeably more ground to cover in order to match the peak of 2017.

Bitcoin market cap to thermocap ratio chart with contrasts. Source: Rafael Schultze-Kraft/ Twitter
In an update today, Rafael Schultze-Kraft, CTO of on-chain analytics resource Glassnode, approximated that must Thermocap duplicate its 2017 efficiency, BTC/USD might hit $110,000.
” Last booming market, $BTC was at ~$ 8,500 when Marketcap to Thermocap was at the present levels– and surged another 135% to the top in simply a month. Things can go quickly,” he tweeted.
” Yea this times different, however simply in case: 135% from here is ~$ 110k.”.

” Retail has gotten here. The last 4 weeks. Invite to the middle phase of the bull market. Macro guidelines similarly continue to provide the perfect backdrop for increased interest in Bitcoin across the board. #Fed balance sheet has actually hit a fresh ATH of $7.44 tn last week, comparable to 34.7% of United States GDP,” Holger Zschaepitz, market analyst at German news outlet Die Welt noted.

Fed balance sheet chart. Source: Holger Zschaepitz/ Twitter.
Macro guidelines likewise continue to provide the best backdrop for increased interest in Bitcoin throughout the board. Last week, the U.S. Federal Reserve included to its balance sheet to the level that it broke all-time highs once again.
” #Fed balance sheet has hit a fresh ATH of $7.44 tn recently, equivalent to 34.7% of United States GDP,” Holger Zschaepitz, market commentator at German news outlet Die Welt kept in mind.
” Feds balance sheet is smaller than #ECBs, at 70.7% of GDP, and much smaller than those of SNB or BoJ where overall possessions are > 100% of GDP.” Title: Bitcoin supercycle might emerge in 2021 as Fed balance sheet strikes new record high.
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