Bitcoin whitepaper fight could end up in court as both parties escalate drama

The unfolding drama surrounding the ownership of the Bitcoin (BTC) whitepaper might extremely well make its way to the courts, after both sides involved in the dispute informed Cointelegraph theyre prepared to “go all the way.”
On Jan. 21, the owners of two Bitcoin websites were threatened with legal action by legal representatives representing Craig Wright, the guy who claims to be Bitcoin developer Satoshi Nakamoto. Wright claims to be the initial copyright holder of the Bitcoin whitepaper, and required that both sites remove their locally hosted copies of the file on risk of legal action.
One site,, has since eliminated the whitepaper, reasoning that becoming knotted in a costly legal fight with the litigation-happy Wright would accomplish little bit, and isnt a hill worth dying on.
The owner of, which was also targeted by Wright, has actually so far refused to remove the whitepaper, and said he has no intention of doing so.
Speaking solely to Cointelegraph, the pseudonymous developer known as Cobra stated he d want to safeguard himself in court ought to legal proceedings be brought against him.
” No legal proceedings have really begun, however were prepared to go all the way and safeguard ourselves if it boils down to it.”
Ed Pownall of CoinGeek, who has spoken on behalf of Craig Wright in the past, told Cointelegraph that Cobra and others who declined to comply had 4 alternatives ahead of them:
Do not do and respond absolutely nothing: this will lead to Craig issuing court procedures versus them for copyright infringement” Respond to our letters and inform us where to go: as above”” Respond to our letters informing us they are taking down the WP/ the publications of the WP from their websites, and they in fact do so: no action to take against them”” Do not respond to our letters however still remove the WP/ the publications of the WP from their websites: according to 3″
When provided with this 4-point final notice from Wrights team, Cobras action was blunt, appearing to signal a preference for option number 1. He stated:
” Seems like what I believed, and well simply not respond, f *** them.”
Pownall stated that ought to Cobra stop working to respond to legal proceedings, Wrights counsel would want to use to the courts for a default judgement, where a defendant who stops working to provide a defence or respond is evaluated without trial.
In 2019, Wright attempted to take legal action against Ethereum (ETH) developer Vitalik Buterin for libel after Buterin mocked Wrights claim of being Satoshi Nakamoto, calling him a fraud. In this circumstances, Buterin merely didnt react to the due date and the letter ultimately went out.
Wright has actually formerly introduced suits versus numerous figures in the cryptocurrency area, consisting of Bitcoin podcaster, Peter McCormack, Bitcoin designer, Adam Back, and creator of, Roger Ver — all with differing degrees of success.
Title: Bitcoin whitepaper battle could end up in court as both parties intensify drama
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Published Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2021 18:00:00 +0000
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