February 11, 2020
Testimonial - Christine was seriously injured in a car accident and hired Greg Neinstein
As I was stopped, I'm waiting to get around. A lady came up behind me driving full speed and wasn't looking at the road. And she smashed into me full-speed crushing my car between hers and several in front of me. And that resulted in a crushed spine, and a crushed pelvis, and a major head injury and many other injuries.

I wasn't expected to live. I wasn't expected to ever walk again. I was given a 99.9% chance of being paraplegic. During my first two weeks in the hospital, I have no memory of. But I do recall Greg visiting me in the hospital several times after that and meeting with me. Just introducing himself and letting me know that everything would be taken care of and that my only job was to get better and to focus on getting myself healthy again and recovery.

He was there for me to help every step of the way and every week way that he could from while I was in the hospital to getting home, to transitioning to therapy, and continuing on.

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