January 31, 2020
Testimonial David was hit by a car and hired Greg Neinstein
Testimonial David was hit by a car and hired Greg Neinstein

I was a pedestrian walking down the street, and a car reversed and hit me and resulted in multiple fractures. I tore my knee apart. I fractured my shoulder. It was numerous operations to repair everything, but all the way, Greg was there to take care of me. I researched them on the web. I saw testimonials, and I saw this as the place for me.

Neinstein Associates treat you with care and compassion. They make you feel like a family. They stress health and wellbeing, and they don't make you deal with all the insurance companies. They take care of it all. You're dealing with insurance companies, and they sort of; they call you, they harass you, they want you to sign things, and they want you to do things.

Greg Neinstein told me not to worry about these things. He will take care of everything. So I just focused on my rehabilitation, and it was the best thing ever did. Neinstein Associates the same day, they would always call me back and make sure that was taken care of. I was extremely happy with my settlement. I thank Greg Neinstein so much for all the work that he did.

The case has been settled, and I never been happier. He got me everything I needed. He took care of me. I'm going to be set for the rest of my life. They're very caring and compassionate. They take care of everything for you. You never have to lift a finger. It's the best situation to deal with. I recommend them highly.

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