February 14, 2020
Testimonial Denni's father was in a motor vehicle collision and his family hired Greg Neinstein
Testimonial: Denni's father was in a motor vehicle collision and his family hired Greg Neinstein

As we started driving down to Sunnybrook, that's when I noticed that outside of my house at the intersection, there was an accident, a pretty serious one. So we had to be diverted. So yeah, I didn't actually know that that was my dad's car. Then that intersection, I think he was being transported to the hospital during that time, so he wasn't there. But once we got there, we realized that he was T-boned by another car, those that ran a red light. So for him, he was in a coma, and he didn't actually wake up until, I think, two months later. So there was quite a serious accident. So I think right off the bat because the impacts to his left side has the alignment to his eyeball, it's off.

So one of his eyeballs was pointing to the left and his right eyeballs pointing into the center, so he wasn't able to see properly. So that was I think that's when you see him.

When I went to see him when he woke up that he kind of recognized who I am. He knows that I'm his son, but he forgot things about me, like my name. And so I think these memories came back afterward, which was good. But yeah, he kept, he couldn't really speak. He was really weak.

I think throughout; he allowed me to. He negotiated everything for me on behalf of my family with insurance companies. So that took a huge load off of our relay shoulders and my mom's shoulders. So my mom's focus after my dad's injury was to make sure that he's okay to take care of him daily. My job is not to let my mom get worried about myself, so I keep going to work. Do what I can to ensure that, you know, financially, my family's okay. And Greg took care of the rest.

Greg did everything else for my family, handled the tough parts, and let my mom and I focus more, we have to focus on. But aside from that, they were great along the way. I mean, they, I think I was really surprised at Greg gave me personal calls to update me on a situation and also ask me how I'm doing. It seems like he really cared. I mean, he's an important person. He's a busy person, and yet he took the time to call me directly. So I really appreciate that.

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